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Maximizing Liquidity for Middle Market Companies

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Great Rock Capital is an Asset-Focused Lender...

that supports middle market companies by providing liquidity and growth capital through a variety of secured lending products.

We offer full solution financings that maximize liquidity, and we excel at customizing flexible term-only structures that utilize a full range of assets not considered by traditional or non-traditional lenders.
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Annual Revenue
Starting at $30MM
Deal Size
$15mm to $100mm
Why Great rock capital?

Experience, Expertise, and Capital

Maximizing Liquidity for the Middle Market

Financing Solutions

Our senior secured financial solutions are individually tailored to meet the unique and specific needs of each middle market customer.

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Financing structures

We provide highly structured financing solutions specifically designed for each of our customers to maximize liquidity so they can better execute their business plans. We have no set lending formula or advance rates.

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Assets financed

We are an asset-focused lender that creatively provides liquidity from a full range of our customers assets not always considered by traditional or non-traditional lenders.

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The Team

Extensive Experience and Expertise

Great Rock Capital's management team has extensive experience and expertise at providing liquidity-driven financing solutions for middle market customers in all types of situations from growth capital to restructuring financings.

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