About Us

Great Rock Capital Partners is an asset-focused commercial finance company that supports middle market companies by providing maximum liquidity and growth capital

Management Team

Our team brings years of extensive leadership experience in asset-focused lending from sales, underwriting, portfolio management, capital markets, and FinOps platforms of leading commercial banking and financial institutions.

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Financial Solutions

We provide asset-focused financing solutions to middle market companies across most industries, including: Commercial & Industrial, Manufacturing, Metals, Consumer Products, Transportation, Healthcare, and Technology.

Customer Needs

We meet our customers’ financing needs by offering creative, highly structured financings that we are able to deliver quickly to provide the liquidity our customers need to execute their business plans.

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Financial Strength

Great Rock Capital has significant capital commitments from its partners, Sightway Capital, a Two Sigma business, and a large institutional investor.

Liquidity Solutions

Great Rock Capital provides liquidity utilizing a full range of assets including: accounts receivable, inventory, machinery and equipment, real estate, foreign assets and subsidiary or divisional value.


At Great Rock Capital, we pride ourselves on active, continuous working relationships with our customers, lending partners, and investors.